Special Children’s Programs

Not all members of Medicaid can join the Georgia Families program. These members will continue to get health services the way they do now.

Members of the following special children’s program cannot become members of Georgia Families at this time:

  • GAPP – The Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP) provides services to medically fragile children with multiple system diagnoses. Services are provided in their homes and communities and in a ‘medical’ daycare setting as an alternative to placing children in a nursing care facility.
  • MATCH – The Multi-Agency Team for Children (MATCH) provides funding for children in the State of Georgia with severe emotional and/or behavioral disturbances who need mental health treatment in a residential setting.
  • CMS – The Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Program provides a complete system of healthcare for children and youth with eligible chronic medical conditions, from birth to twenty-one years of age.

Your Medicaid caseworker will decide if your child cannot join Georgia Families because he or she is in one of these special programs. So, if you have any questions, please call or visit your county DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services Office) office.

Do you still have questions about our program? Write a comment below or send an email to blog@georgia-families.com. Remember that comments and email are not private. Do not write comments or send email with personal information in it such as your Social Security or account numbers.

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