Member Surveys

Were you randomly chosen to participate in the survey regarding Georgia Families and your enrollment experience?  If so, please take the time to complete the survey form and return it to us.

We use your feedback to improve our website, enrollment materials, outreach sessions, call center and overall customer satisfaction.  Basically, completing this survey will help us better serve you!

If you get a survey in the mail, complete the form and mail, or fax it back to us! 

There is a postage paid envelope enclosed for your convenience when returning the survey by mail, so there will be no cost to you.  Or, if you would like help filling out the survey, please call us and someone will help you complete the form over the phone.

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Still have questions about Georgia Families?  Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for more information about our program! 

Write a comment below or send an email to blog@georgia-families.com. Remember that comments and email are not private. Do not write comments or send email with personal information in it such as your Social Security or account numbers.

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