Some Medicaid Members Cannot Join Health Plans


Group of Medicaid members.Most Medicaid and all PeachCare for Kids members must enroll in a Georgia Families health plan to get their Medicaid health care services.

Georgia Families is only for members already enrolled in Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids. If you want to apply for Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids, call or visit your county DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services Office) office.

Almost everyone in Medicaid has to join Georgia Families. But some people cannot join a health plan, and will continue to get health services the way they do now.


Here is a list of people who cannot join a health plan:

  • People who need special medical services or live in an institution
  • People in Medicaid who qualify for Medicare 
  • Peope in Medicaid that the government approves are part of an Indian tribe 
  • People who qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 
  • Children in the Children’s Medical Services Program 
  • Children in the Georgia Pediatric Program 
  • Children with care coordination by the MATCH program (Multi-Agency Team for Children) 
  • People in Long Term Care 
  • People in the SOURCE program (Service Options Using Resources in Community Environments) 
  • People in Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review 
  • People who are getting Hospice care 
  • People who get Health Insurance Premium Payments (HIPP) 

If you think you may not have to join a health plan, call our call center and we’ll answer your questions.

Do you have anything that you’d like to see us write about in this blog? Let us know! Email us at blog@georgia-families.com. Please know that email is not private. Messages you send can be copied or read by others. If you send us an email, this tells us that you know and accept the risks. You may email us, but please consider calling, faxing, or sending us a letter if you want to send personal health information (PHI). PHI includes a Medicaid ID number, Social Security number and a member’s medical information.

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