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Choosing Doctors

  When you enroll in a health plan, you choose your own doctor — called a Primary Care Provider (PCP). If you do not choose one at the time of enrollment, your health plan will choose one for you. It’s better if you choose! Read more to find out why. A PCP, or Primary Care Provider, …

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Health Plans and Medicaid

  Do you find that it’s hard to understand the difference between Medicaid and a health plan? Lots of people do — and that’s why we’re writing about it in today’s blog. Medicaid is a government program that helps low income people pay for medical care. Each state runs its own Medicaid program, and each …

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Enrolling in Georgia Families

It’s easy to enroll in Georgia Families. Many of you in Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids will need to do it! Our job is to help you pick a health plan and a primary care provider. A health plan is a group of doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics where you get health care. At Georgia …

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